Gas Detection & Proving

In conjunction with mainly our Laboratory and Industrial installation works Gas Detection or Oxygen Depletion Systems are a vital form of protecting users when in an environment utilising certain Specialist Gases. Systems are designed to detect an increase in asphyxiant gases which would reduce levels of breathable oxygen within a set room or area.

In addition to this we can provide Gas Proving Systems with Emergency Shut-Off Buttons along with Solenoid Valves and Pressure Transducers giving full controllability of an incoming gas supply to Laboratories and Classrooms. Get in contact today to see how we could help offer a tailor made solution for your Gas Detection requirements.

Orbital Welding

To those not in the know, Orbital Welding is a mechanised version of the tungsten inert gas arc welding (TIG) process and is used to weld tube or pipe; the tungsten electrode contained in the weld head rotor rotates or “orbits” around the tube or pipe joint to be welded.

We have used this process on 316L Stainless Steel Laboratory Pipelines at the request of our client or the contracted consultant to provide smooth, crevice free welds on the Pipeline System. By ensuring a smoother internal pipeline it limits the growth of microorganisms offering a higher grade of purity throughout a Pipeline System which is often required in the Laboratory and Pharmaceutical industry. If you are considering an Orbitally Welded Pipeline System give a member of the team a call today for further information.

Pendant Hoses

Built into a Hospital’s schedule of planned works should be maintenance items such as replacement of Medical Pendant Hoses. At MPI we are able to source a wide range of Nisted Pendant Hoses for a whole host of Fixed and Flexible Medical Pendants. Offering a fully supplied and installed service throughout the UK, use the request a call back  feature on our website or give us a call today to see how we could help.

Written Scheme of Examination (WSE)

A written scheme of examination is a document detailing the components that go together to make a pressuried system, with the PSSR 2000 detailing that any system with a working pressure greater than 0.5bar (approx 7psi) should have a WSE in place.  There should be information detailed on any plant or equipment within system a long with details on required maintenance and inspection of the systems.

Upon completion of a Specialist Gas Distribution System by MPI, along with our client demonstration and detailed O&M information issued for all projects we are able to create and provide a specific WSE for the installed systems.